Agoraphobia is characterized by fear of two of the five situations listed below:

1. Use of public transportation such as airplanes, city buses and trains
2. Open spaces such as clearings, parking lots and fields
3. Being in enclosed spaces such as malls, shopping centers and churches
4. Being in crowded places or standing in lines
5. Being far away from or outside of personal home

At first glance these five situations seem dissimilar. What brings these situations together is that they are places, situations and events where escape can be difficult. People with agoraphobia usually fear losing control in places where they cannot easily escape. Often people with agoraphobia are worried about having a medical illness, panic attack, high emotions, stomach difficulties, or gastrointestinal difficulties when far from a safe place. Sometimes people with agoraphobia can stand these situations if they are with certain people or bring certain items (water, prescription pills etc.). Agoraphobia can be severe to point where you cannot leave your home. Milder cases are characterized by panic symptoms in the above situations.

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