General Anxiety

Everyone worries but when worry consumes your every waking thought, destroys your ability to relax, and moves from one thing to another without end it is likely you are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. Chronic worry often takes a physical toll on the body leading to muscle tension, headaches, and stomachaches. Chronic worry can also alienate you from what you deeply want making it difficult to make decisions about anything unrelated to your fears.

Worry in small doses is a good thing and can make people more conscientious to the demands of the situation and more empathetic towards other people. Learning to maximize your safety, security, and well-being without using worry as a coping mechanism is essential to successful anxiety treatment.

Treatment at Thriving Point will include evidence-based techniques targeted at teaching you to flexibly cope without the need for worry. Additional techniques may help you relax to build a sense of peace and train your awareness to see your wants and needs with greater clarity.